LH Series

LH (Living Home) Series

Function: Vacation home, suburban home, canteen, guest room

Feature: Attic, partition, porch fence, customization based on client demand (Units are in millimeter (mm) and feet (ft))

LH Maple (logo)
LH Series: Maple 19’x27′ (4×6 Grid)
LH2 Lilac (logo)
LH Series: Lilac 31’x27′ (7×6 Grid)

Photos below:

2011 Residential Home @Tainan
LH Series with a front porch railing, perfectly suit for your privacy!
Standard LH Series (similar design may apply to canteen)
Second home up in mountain side
2013 Leisure Home up in Mountainside @Miao-Li, Taiwan (with veranda composite railing)

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