TH Series

TH (Tiny Home) Series

Function: Variety of uses such as tiny house, storage shed, vendor shop, ticket booth, snack bar, studio, granny units, etc.

Features: Attic, partition, porch fence, customization based on client demand (Units are in millimeter (mm) and feet (ft))

TH (logo)
TH Series: Iris 11’x15′ (2×3 Grid)
TH2 Primrose (logo)
TH Series: Primrose 15’x23′ (3×5 Grid)

Photos below:

2011 Coffee Vendor Shop (initially operated in Taipei Expo Park, since 2014 been disassembled and relocated to northern amusement park) Similar design may apply to ticket booth and snack bar!
2014 Little Coffee Bar, was @Tainan, An-Ping Harbour (Similar design may apply to security booth, vendor shop and ticket booth)
2014 In-Law Unit @Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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