Gallery – Public Toilet

December 2014: Three Public toilet construction @Dagangshan (Scenic area in Kaosiung)

First construction (down the mountain, near the parking lot)

20141222_121512 logo (web)
Near parking lot (154 sq ft)
20141222_121545 logo (web)
Front view
20141222_121614 logo (web)
A peek inside
20141222_121910 logo (web)
Side view

Second construction & tiny tool room (near scenic overlook)

20141222 C Whole view logo (web)
Near scenic overlook (230 sq. ft)
20141222 殘障廁所1 logo (web)
Accessible toilet
20141222_110150 logo (web)
Front view
20141222 C Back view logo (web)
Backside view
20141222_115059 logo (web)
Tool room for cleaning tools
20141222_115128 logo (web)
Back side of tool room

Third construction (near ecological district)

20141222_103227 logo (web)
Near ecological district (192 sq. ft)
20141222_103210 logo (web)
Side view
20141222_103258 logo (web)
Ladies’ room
20141222_103455 logo (web)
Ladies’ room
20141222_103544 logo (web)
Men’s room
20141222_103906 logo (web)
Whole view
20141222_104113 logo (web)
Side view
Photo taken after one year (Jan. 2016)
Photo taken after one year (Jan. 2016)

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