MH Series

MH (Multiple Home) Series

Function: School classrooms, emergency or medical shelter, etc.

Note: About 535 sq. ft per house, can be add on side by side as many as you want; each room may enclose 4-6 windows and 2 doors (Units are in millimeter (mm) and feet (ft))

MH Lotus (logo)
MH Series: Lotus 28’x19′

Photos below:

School Long
2010 Temporary School Classrooms in Tainan, Taiwan; in 2013 being disassembled, relocated and re-applied to 3 different primary schools in Southern Taiwan
2010 Temporary School Classrooms in Chia-Xian, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; in 2013 being disassembled and relocated to Ji-Dong primary school in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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