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Jing Shing Industrial Co. (JSI), a company established in 1987 based in Tainan, the south part of Taiwan. Have focused on manufacturing finest plastic related products, including a variety of industry and household application. Some of these products were patented including, but not limited to, industrial pump impeller, soap dispensers and ice ball and pipes for circulating cool air for buildings (an energy efficient storage system). For plastic injection, extrusion, or blow moulding, you may check out our – JSI website.

With the ever-increasing exploitation of natural resources leading to frequent natural hazards all over the world, JSI felt an urge to utilize its technological expertise to be part of the problem solver in this environmental revolution. Striving for sustainable and pragmatic functions, JSI started experimenting since 2003, and eventually led to the developments of its proprietary building material, called Jetson Plastic-Wood Composites (JPW).

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