Based on the mentioned circumstances and the worldwide need for housing for the homeless, Jing Shing Industry (JSI) developed Jetson Plastic-Wood Composites (JPW) as a building material for homes, receiving a patent for plastic-wood composites for building applications. JPW contains recyclable and environmentally-friendly, green materials. It combines thermoplastic polyethylene and wood fibers, containing almost zero harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) — namely, formaldehyde. As a building material for homes, JSI is committed to ensure JPW’s health and safety. Please refer to theĀ evidence and results certified by SGS based on RoHS testings shown below, as well the patents obtained in different countries:

SGS on WPC Plank
SGS Test Report
SGS Test Result
Report Done in 2008
certificate 1
Taiwan Technics Patent
TW Patent - Composite Home add logo
Taiwan WPC Home Patent
China Patent
China Patent
US Patent add logo
United States Patent

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